Sunday, January 05, 2014

AA: Anal Alcoholics - 2014 January 5

Mistress wanted my asshole to burn. She had me scrub it out again. I am becoming accustomed to it now. Once I had it scrubbed, I had to give myself an enema to make sure it was nice and clean. She wanted me in pain though, so, I had to get a bottle of beer and pour it in.

I stuffed the open bottle in and got into doggy position and leaned forward. Within a minute the entire bottle flooded my ass. It was burning instantly, but, I had to hold it for five minutes. After what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, I was allowed to release. Mistress said I had to drink it all up (no need in letting alcohol go to waste), so, I released in a bowl and began lapping it up like a dog. Thankfully it wasn’t too dirty.

Whilst drinking it up, I had to cum, so mistress had me stuff my glass dildo in my ass and let the entire length disappear in me. It did so easily since I was nice and clean. I orgasmed before I finished licking my enema out of the bowl; I half buried my face in the liquid, screaming in orgasm, only having it muffled by the alcohol.

Once I was done, I picked up the bowl, pressed it to my lips and quickly chugged the remaining alcohol (and little bits of mess) until the bowl was empty. This was definitely an interesting way to get a buzz and an orgasm.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Snow Plug - 2013 December 30

I had to prepare myself for what was about to happen. I grabbed my bottle brush and stuffed it in my ass. I slid it in and out of my hole, scrubbing my asshole clean and then raw. I needed to do this of course to make sure it was nice and clean. 

I proceeded to get dressed and grab a Ziploc bag; I went outside. It had recently snowed over a foot and I was commanded by my mistress to try it out. So, I filled the gallon bag full of snow and brought it back in my house. I stripped. I then filled a glass full of snow, packing it in to get it shape. After letting it melt a little to get nice and hard, I turned the glass over and tapped it out. 

I squatted down, lined up the snow and shoved it up my ass. It was the perfect sized plug. It was so very cold. Nearly instantly my asshole became completely numb. I couldn’t close it, I had no control over my asshole. The snow started melting very quickly in the warm depths of my ass, while water literally began to flood out of my numb, gaped ass. 

After about 5 minutes, my ass was clear of any snow or water, but, it was still horribly numb and extremely gaped. I grabbed my inflatable butt plug, and stuffed it in. I’ve only been able to take 20 pumps before, which fills it up to almost the size of the softball. I was numb though, so I decided to push my luck. I got to 20 and could barely feel anything, just a bit of pressure; I kept going. I got up to 30 and I could feel a lot of pressure and some stinging, but it was mostly still numb. A couple of pumps later and I heard a pop; the pressure release valve on my plug went. I pulled out my plug and licked it clean. 

After fixing the valve (it was a simple snap back together type of system) I pumped it back up, outside my body to see how large it got. I stopped at 30 pumps and measured it: 12.5” in circumference. Damn..

My slutty, gaped, numb ass sure can take it! <3 Mistress is sure to be proud of me.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Shot at Shower Enema and Loofah Fun - 2013 December 10

My mistress knew I wanted to have another go at my enema and loofah shower adventure, but, wasn’t sure how. She finally gave me some direction on it and it was incredible.

“Do it in the bathtub. Use water as the enema. Expel as much as you can into a glass, and drink it, no matter how dirty it is. Fuck your bowling pin for a few strokes, then squeeze some tooth paste into your asshole; then use your loofah to fuck yourself. If you have to pee, you can expel into the glass, but you must drink it all up. Spread toothpaste onto your nipples and reapply when the burning stops.”

Well, I gathered up the necessary materials and I proceeded to my bathroom. I stripped down and got the water running nice and hot, but, off to the side so it wouldn’t interfere with the enema. I held a 20 oz soda bottle under it and filled it up. I squatted and let it get half into my ass and then I leaned forward. It rushes into my bowels filling me up. Once the bottle was empty, I pulled it out and clenched my hole, still leaning forward, letting the water get deep. I could only hold it about two minutes; I really have horrible control with enemas. I quickly grabbed my glass, lined it up and sat up and a flood of warm, slightly discolored water filled the glass; thankfully for me. It was clean. I swallowed it, gulp by gulp, until it was gone.

I then continued with my tasks and squatted over my bowling pin and impaled my ass on it. The pressure told me there was still water left in my ass and it also made me have to pee. I put the glass to my pussy and I went. I hopped off of the pin and readied myself for the toothpaste, but, I got a fun idea. Now, my mistress has told me in the past that I am allowed to ‘wing it’ if I think something would be worse for me than what she has told me to do. So, I slowly poured the piss from the glass into my enema bottle, stuffed it in and leaned forwards. It was only half as much, so, I was able to hold it for 5 full minutes before needing to release. It filled my bowels so deeply. I couldn’t take it any longer and expelled it into the glass. It too was discolored and unfortunately for me, had a couple pieces floating in it. I literally chugged the entire load down, save for one mouthful. I saved it in my mouth, essentially gagging myself with my own piss.

I grabbed my toothpaste tube and stuck it in my ass. I squeezed. Probably half the tube flooded my asshole and it burned right away. I quickly tried stuffing the loofah in, hoping it would suck up some of the toothpaste. All it did was tear me up and let the toothpaste burn more. I was screaming and moaning through my mouthful of piss, both pain and pleasure ran through my body. I finally finished stuffing and got the last tiny spots of loofah to disappear into my slutty ass. I took some of the toothpaste that had slightly leaked out of my ass and rubbed it against my nipples, twisting and pinching a little as I did. Once I had them sufficiently coated, I went to town on my clit.

Stupidly, I didn’t think and started rubbing with a finger that was still coated with toothpaste. It sent a jolt through my body. I wriggled around, almost choking on my piss, but, I quickly gained control. I ‘gritted my teeth’ so to speak and turned that pain into pleasure; if only I could have done that for my burning, torn, stuffed asshole. I was quickly getting close to orgasm, I could feel my asshole spasming, my pussy twitching. I was going to cum. I kept rubbing my clit with a finger while I reached back to my ass with the other. I slowly slid my finger and thumb in and grabbed a hold of the loofah. I was seconds from climax. 3. 2. 1. Just as my climax hit, I literally ripped the loofah out of my ass. I screamed. The piss gag flowed out and over my tits, my ass slightly bled and I squirted like the little whore I am.

I got down on my hands and knees and began licking the bottom of the shower; my squirt and piss covering it. I just melted into the shower as the after-orgasm hit. After a few minutes, I came to enough to stand and turn the water back so it was directly aimed in the shower and went back down to my knees and let the toothpaste ooze out of me as my body continued slightly spasming. I let the shower rain on me as I melted away in contentment, wondering what laid in store for me next.

Monday, December 09, 2013

My Battery Died - 2013 December 9

I put some brand new batteries in my vibrator today.

I stuffed it in my ass and turned it on high, all 6.5 inches disappeared up my hole. I have been squirming around all night.

Sadly, the batteries must suck. It only took an hour and a half before it died on me. I don't want to take the vibrator out yet. I feel it slowly worming deeper into my colon.

I love it.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

My Messy Asshole - 2013 December 8

I wanted to get nice and sloppy, but, I didn’t know what to use.

So, I suggested some things to my mistress and she decided that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was the best option for my dirty asshole. I went to the kitchen and made it, extra sloppy. I put it on a plate and brought it back to my bedroom. I squatted on my bowling pin a few times to open my ass hole and then I lined up a corner and stuffed it in; then I worked another corner in, then another until all four were in with just a tiny bud of the middle sticking out. I then lined up my bowling pin for one deep ram and thrust down on it, forcing the sandwich deep into my bowels while allowing some jelly to spill out over my hole.

I gently pulled the pin out, careful not to pull any sandwich out. Then, I rubbed my clit until I orgasm, I didn’t last long. As I orgasmed, my muscles spasmed and the sandwich (or, I should say the balled up, ass slime covered remnants) flew out onto the plate. My mistress then ordered me to my hands and knees like a dog and forced me to eat the entire slime covered blob.

It was a deliciously disgusting meal for this dirty depraved slut

Friday, November 29, 2013

My Shower Enema - 2013 November 29

I felt so dirty tonight, so, I needed to take a bath. I stripped down and started the water, lightly touching myself while I waited… I knew it wasn’t going to be an innocent bath; no, it was gonna clean me real good.
Once I got the water nice and warm, I got in and immediately pressed the shower head to my ass… a little bit of water seeped in. It was so warm and so amazing. I have one of those shower heads that you can flip a valve on and it will almost completely stop the flow, so I flipped it; now just a trickle came out. I slowly worked on it and let it slide right up my ass. I could feel the tiny bits of water filling me, I kept it in for at least a solid minute before I pulled it out. When I did, out with it came a flow of water and I knew I needed more. I flipped the valve back so it was on full blast and stuffed it in. It was barely 5 seconds before the pressure of the water literally forced the shower head from my asshole, making me expel over everything.

I did this a few more times until I knew I was good and ready. This time, instead of stuffing it in, I would just press it hard against my asshole so it would fill me way up, but it wouldn’t gush out when I pulled the head away, since it wasn’t in me. It worked to perfection. I got a slight bulge in my stomach from being so full and then I pulled the head away. I held it for 30 seconds, but, it was so difficult to do. I keep a glass in the bathroom for when I brush my teeth, so I reached over to the counter and grabbed it, spread my cheeks and pressed it tight to my ass. I let go. Perfectly clear water flooded the glass nearly to the brim; my asshole gaping and even prolapsing. I grabbed the glass and got a mouth full, swished it around, gargled it and swallowed.

Now that I was clean, I knew I needed to be scrubbed. I have one of those handy back-scrubbing loofas, it is about a foot and a half long, with the loofa covering a solid foot of it. I lined it up with my ass and squatted down on it. I was able to take 3/4 of the loofa length up my ass. It hurt a little, but, not as bad as other things I’ve had in there. I proceeded to squat up and down, thrusting the length in and out of me. While doing so, I moved the shower head still on full blast up to my clit and pressed it firmly against my flesh. It didn’t take long for me to climax. When I did, I sank down on the loofa to relax, slowly easing another inch in. Once I had relaxed long enough, I quickly yanked the loofa out and gave myself a gape almost as wide as my fist and the prettiest rosebud I’ve had as of yet.

It is now a half an hour later and I am only gaped half as far, but, I still have a cute little rose and my asshole feels so clean. It also feels needy. I wonder what else I can and will stuff into my slutty little ass tonight…